“Giants have been raiding the lands of men in large bands, with giants of different sorts in these marauding groups…”

Automation vs. Customization…

One of the topics of discussion that we’ve had a lot of questions around falls into a debate on balance: How will Codename: Morningstar balance video game functionality (having the App do and choose everything for you) and tool functionality (allowing the user to choose exactly what she/he wants)? For the post this week, we had Chris Matney and Evan… Read more →

GUI_teaser (2)

Beta Sign Ups and a Sneak Peek…

Your adventuring party hears an army of voices in the distance. They all seem to be chanting something…Roll for Perception!   On Monday, July 14th we announced that beta sign ups for Codename: Morningstar were open! We had an overwhelming number of you sign up: 1000 in the first 90 minutes and over 3000 within the first 24 hours. Eager… Read more →

We have a few more Introductions to cover…

We know that everyone is excited to hear news about the upcoming beta sign ups – we will announce immediately when we are ready. Thank you for your continued patience and enthusiasm – we appreciate the tweets, comments and conversations we’ve had with many of you and can’t wait to show you what we’ve been up to. In the meantime,… Read more →

Trapdoor Technologies….wait, who?

When Wizards of the Coast announced Codename: Morningstar on the evening of June 10th, Trapdoor Technologies was promptly googled and researched by many of you. Unfortunately…there wasn’t a whole lot of information to be found on the interwebs besides some old eBooks from the previous incarnation of Trapdoor, and a long standing RPG website built by our founder. This week,… Read more →